Indian Cooking Class

Indian Cooking Class

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Introduction to Healthy Indian Cooking Class


Choose between one, two or three session classes that introduce you to the art of making delicious easy-to-make vegetarian meals based on Ayurveda. You will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Principles of what makes food healthy or not for you.
  • An overview of how to use spices and make spice mixtures.
  • An introduction into making entrées, soups, desserts, teas, and grain dishes.
  • The secrets of making sure your food is easy to digest and assimilate.
  • Tips on applying Ayurvedic principles to any type of cuisine.
  • Resources to support you in accessing optimal food choices in the grocery store or at restaurants

Each class will combine discussion, participatory cooking demonstrations, and ends with a delicious meal for everyone! As Ayurveda aligns health with the rhythm of the seasons, our intro cooking classes change focus seasonally.


Intro Class – Fall-Winter Menu



1. Teas & Tonics incl. Chai 

2. Spiced Potato Croquettes with Tamarind & Date Sauce 

3. Khichari 

4. Heart ❤️ Beets - Vegetable Cutlets

5.  Madras Curry 

6. Kala Jamun - saffron donut hole rolled in pistachios and coconut

  1. Flatbreads & Crepes 


* Classes are vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free friendly. Please notify us upon registering if you have this need.



Classes are generally available at Bliss Monday-Saturdays from 3-6. Three hours is indicated because there is a meal afterwards and people tend to stay for that long. Classes are subject to availability. You must RSVP ahead of time. We recommend registering 1-3 weeks in advance. If someone cancels their registration within 24 hours, they may reschedule or apply the purchase value to another Bliss Kitchen event or service. Bliss Kitchen does not offer refunds.


94 S Robinson Ave Newburgh NY


One Class: $75

Three Classes: $180 

Concierge Class 

Let us bring the flavors of exotic spice to your doorstep. We bring everything including a portable stove, supplies and even plates and cutlery. At the end we'll tidy up and leave the space neat and clean. 


Fee: One Class: $100

Three Classes: $240 


If you already have a voucher to attend one of our Intro cooking classes simply email us at

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