The Union of Body, Mind & Soul

Balanced practice of breathing exercises, diet, and physical postures will help prevent disease and maintain a positive state of mind. 

Class Descriptions

Ashtanga 101

Recommended for all first time students.  

Learn key practices of Ashtanga  through Sukshma Yoga - Micro Postures and Breathing Exercises for  lubrication in joints, muscle toning, blood circulation, increased flexibility and tissue repair.

Asthanga  is the eightfold yoga path which means eight limbs - Yama & Niyama (Rules & Regulations), Asana (Posture), Pranayam (Breathing), Pratyahar (Diet & Nutrition), Dharana (Imagination), Dhyana (meditation), & Samadhi (transcendence)

Lunch Express Yoga
Stressed at work? Try Lunch Express Yoga, a new offering at Bliss Wellness Center. For 45 Minutes, practice breathing exercises (pranayam) and micro postures (sukshma asana) that end with relaxing meditation (yoga nidra). We are facilitated by Sonal, a master yoga instructor and therapist.

Moderate Asana

comprehensive standing, sitting & sleeping postures along with the principles and practice of Inversion.

Pranayam: Science of Breathing

Effective breathing techniques to master control on your auto system of breathing. Regular practice of Pranayama helps anti-aging and longevity.


Vinyasa means to 'strategically place' it's a flowing form of yoga where the poses shift from one another.  Faster paced, stronger practice.  Experience is recommended, but not necessary.

Mantra Meditation

consists of a chanting, Surya namaskara (sun salutations), and 10 minute meditation. Designed to help achieve a home sadhana practice, perfect before work experience.

Yin Yoga

a slow, low and stretchy class. This is intended to open tight muscles and really sink into your inner self

Gentle Yoga

designed for people who are newer to yoga, have injuries, or just want to slow down a little bit.  Linking to breath to movement is crucial in any yoga practice,  these classes have a strong emphasis on proper breathing techniques.




Drop In Class $15

5 Class Card - $70

10 Class Card - $135